Testimonials, Reviews and Feedback

From our clients, trade partners, and other building industry professionals

From Past Clients

Mary Copeland, Carmel Remodel Client

“Over the past five years, we have had several jobs completed by Chris and his crew. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. While they were working at my home, they were professional but very friendly, always courteous to my family and considerate about cleaning up each and every day before leaving.”

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Rachel Wheeler, Lockerbie Remodel Client

“…they were especially careful and considerate about the public areas in my building–always cleaning up any debris from the hallways and elevators, etc. My superintendent commented several times that Chris and his crew were low impact compared to other contractors who had worked in the building.”

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Bud & Mary Sauter, Indianapolis Remodel Clients

“… we would definitely recommend Chris and WrightWorks to others. We greatly appreciated his attentiveness and attention to detail, his creativity, and how easy he was to work with. While most people have a long punch list of things that need fixing at the end of a project, we had it easy since everything had been done to our satisfaction as we progressed.”

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Karl & Anna Tanner, Meridian-Kessler Remodel Clients

“To start, Chris worked with us to determine a general renovation strategy… It was clear from the beginning he has a lot of experience with a variety of home styles and neighborhoods and a good “eye” for design… We found his recommendations to be attractive, durable and appropriate to the style of house.”

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Andrew Appel, Butler Tarkington Room Addition Client

“Susan and I were impressed from their initial involvement in the planning stage of our room addition and conversion of an existing space into a bathroom. Chris took the time to view our initial plans, listen to our goals for the project, and our budget before he shared any thoughts of his own… Chris’ estimate for the budget and timeline were accurate …”

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Beth and Dan Bates, Carmel Renovation Clients

“When friends and family enter our new kitchen for the first time, they are wowed. The space truly is visually arresting. Cleaning, cooking, or preparing morning tea in the lovely room, regrets vanish. It is a vision, and Christopher Wright brought it to life.”

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From Trade Parters and Building Industry Professionals

Chris Haught, RC Painting

“I have observed Chris’ passion and eloquence time and again when addressing industry issues. He has been instrumental in educating fellow business owners on a wide variety of subjects and continues to use his broad network to stay informed of current events and how they affect our industry. “

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Mary Ann Lucas, Architectural Brick & Tile

“As a vendor that has worked on many projects with Wrightworks, I can say with a lot of confidence that the work they perform is really done well. The quality and follow through on every detail is thought out so that the end result is a beautiful and functional space. ”

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Donna Sink, Architect

“Working with Chris has not only been enjoyable, it has been an education. While he is exceptionally well-versed in standard building and remodeling practices, …”

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