Kathy Shields, North Meridian Street Historic District Remodel Client

“The peace of mind we associate with Chris Wright is the certainty you will be 100% satisfied when the project is complete.  He takes an enormous amount of pride in his work and places a great deal of pressure on himself and his crew to deliver a product he considers perfect.”

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To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I own a home on  North Meridian Street which was built in 1926.  We purchased it three years ago with the intent of completely redoing bathrooms and kitchen, upgrading mechanical systems and generally restoring and updating its interior and exterior appearance.  We interviewed and started down the road with several contractors until we found Chris Wright.

We highly recommend Chris and his team to any home owner.  He is a perfectionist and very conscientious about the specialists he engages for every trade.  Chris takes a very hands on approach and spends a lot of time at the job supervising and performing some of the work himself.  He takes personal responsibility for ensuring no corners are cut and that all work meets his very high standards.

During the summer of 2008, Chris completely reconstructed  three very old bathrooms in our home.  In all three cases, we demolished back to the studs and the plumbing was redone to the maximum extent possible.  In one case, we combined two smaller bathrooms and one closet into a larger master bath which required realignment of walls, doorways and attention to structural issues.  We could not be happier with the result.  Marble was used for all of the bathroom walls, floors and showers….the marble work was expertly done. The end result was picture perfect–not a flaw to be found.

Chris works very well with architects employed by the owner and takes care to understand the direction of the owner and their designers.  While he brings many of his own ideas to the table, he is very comfortable being part of a team….many contractors are not.  We had a clear set of plans and very detailed specifications for all of our fixtures and materials upon which Chris based his pricing.  Despite some complications which extended the schedule a bit, there were no requests for additional funds for time spent on the job.  Chris struck by his price.  He is very honest and very earnest in his quest to satisfy his clients.

Chris is quiet and thoughtful and the people he hires reflect his personality.  When your family is living with a construction crew, that is important.  His  team members were always courteous and made an effort to mitigate the disruption of having an ongoing construction project in our home.  While it is never easy to live with that level of construction activity, the team would tidy things up at the end of every day and strove to make life as convenient as possible for us.  Other home owners we interviewed before choosing Chris commented on the same thing….they were comfortable coexisting with Chris and his team for the duration of the work and confident that their end product would be exactly what they wanted.

Chris Wright’s specialty and passion is working on older homes and he has excellent contacts with artisans who take an equal amount of pride in their finish work.  While the bathrooms were underway, we had Chris undertake a number of other miscellaneous projects at the same time: electrical work, radiator restoration, refinishing all of our hardwood doors, redoing crown molding, trim work and plaster.  Our wood paneled library was completely restored and the book cases redone…..when his subcontractors were finished, the library looked like a brand new room.

Chris Wright is scheduled to completely redo our kitchen in 2009.  We trust Chris to deliver a perfect job for the price quoted.  Every construction job is subject to setbacks…it is a fluid process.  Our highest priority in choosing a contractor is knowing that we can trust him and knowing that they will deliver the highest quality end product….despite whatever twists and turns might be encountered in getting there.    He has succeeded in our home and we will hire him again.

Kathy Shields
Senior Vice President, Development

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