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Do you crave a more luxurious bath experience?

Master bath remodel–steam shower and freestanding tub, Carmel. Design by Christopher Wright.

Bathroom projects have always been among the most popular spaces we renovate in the Greater Indianapolis and Carmel area. While they are a functional space for daily routines, they’re also a lifestyle space and can add tremendously to your comfort, pride, and enjoyment in your home.

When they’re not designed and built well, your bath’s lifespan can be far shorter than it should be and the experience you have in it far less than you deserve. After all, they must be built to withstand some of the harshest conditions in the home–withstanding fluctuations in temperature, moisture, and frequent use.

In the life of every house and bathroom, there’s a time when they just need to be updated in order to continue to serve their intended purpose and to elevate your daily lifestyle and experience. 

We understand the importance of balancing both form and function in every bathroom renovation.

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We understand the importance of the bathroom in your daily life, and we strive to create spaces that not only function well but also provide a luxurious and comfortable experience. We ensure every detail is tailored made to fit You. Our bathroom remodels are designed and built to stand up to daily use, while serving as a beautiful and relaxing escape from the outside world. We want to create the perfect sanctuary of luxury and comfort–one you can indulge in every single day.

"A luxury bath experience can mean many things. For some it's a warm, heated floor beneath their feet or a large and inviting tub to soak in at the end of a long day. For others it's just being able to use the shower without banging your elbows on the way in. A past client wanted a vanity faucet that was high enough to wash their hair under. Whatever your taste or need or unique requirement, we have the resources and experience to create a bathroom that fits you--to a 'T' "
Christopher Wright
President, WrightWorks LLC

Bathroom Renovations and Their Ameminties

Half bathroom renovations (sometimes called “powder baths”) are typically main level or lower level spaces that serve not only your own family, but guests as well. Many times these projects are “face-lifts” that involve finish upgrades (a half bath remodel to replace floor coverings, vanity, toilet, lighting, etc.) and not full gut renovations.

But half bath renovations are also often included in our kitchen renovations, additions, and main level remodels where we design and build them from scratch.

The number one motivator for these renovations: LEAKS! Whether your bath is leaking like a sieve or just looks ugly and dated, you’ll find lots of design ideas for your renovation in our portfolio. We’ve built dozens of baths of every shape, size, and style.

Sometimes these spaces are sound enough for a “facelift” renovation. More often than not they need a little more love and attention—which usually comes in the form of a gut renovation.

Got bulkheads?  Chances are good we can create a larger sense of space in your bath by tearing them out. 

Corner closet taking up valuable room? We’ve torn them out of a number of bathrooms in favor of open layouts and more compact, efficient storage solutions.

Is it time you upgraded your master bath?

Do you love your home, but hate getting ready every day in an ugly, dated space?

Tired of settling for a less than satisfying shower?

The master suite/master bath remodel is one of our signature projects—and second only to the kitchen in its ability to transform your daily lifestyle.

Do your tastes run toward sleek and modern bath design, elegant traditional, or somewhere in between? No matter what your individual needs, we have the resources, talent, and experience to turn your master bath into a daily joy to relax and get ready in.

The short answer is NO. Many of our clients chose to save the space required for a tub and make their shower more generous. 

But if you do enjoy retreating to a long soak at the end of the day, we’ll help you pick just the right vessel. From sleek freestanding units to more elaborate deck mounted, jetted tubs incorporated into the shower area.


The shower is arguably the most important element in your daily master bath experience and we’ve built just about every configuration and option you may have dreamed of having:

  • Multipoint shower heads
  • Body Sprays
  • Rain Heads
  • Hand Sprays
  • Shower Towers
  • Steam Units

We’ve built dozens and dozens of showers over the past 25 years–of every style, shape, and luxury feature. That experience brought to bear on your project means you’ll enjoy a flawless shower experience tailor made to your individual desires.

You shouldn’t have to visit a boutique hotel to indulge in a luxury shower. You deserve to have it right there at home.

Vanity choices have come a long way over the last decade. Our designers and design partners have specified everything from stock cabinets to pre-packaged, furniture grade pieces to completely custom built-ins with exotic veneers and specialized storage accessories. When budget is a concern, a high end aesthetic can often be achieved in your bath with a combination of stock finishes and selective custom accents.

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From planning and design, to materials selections, to a stunning result in your home–we’ll help you navigate the infinite choices and decisions to find just the right balance of form, function and budget.

If you’re ready to start planning your project, take the first step and give us a call or fill out our contact form. Just click on the link below and we’ll take it from there. We look forward to serving you and your home!

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